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My Life

I'm Kelly Nayibe Castro Cardoso , I'm fifteen years old.

I was born 5th of november of 1998 in Espinal-Tolima.

I live in Block 10 House 10 in the Downing street In London.

My dad is Luis Eduardo Castro Ospina, He's builder.

My mom is Sandra Patricia Cardoso Prada, She's housewife.

I have a sister and I'm the first, My sister's name is Geraldine and she's six years old.

I have a dog and his name is Lucky.

My favorite food is the Spaguetthi.

I want study in the University of Tolima.

I want study medicine.

I like sing and dance, is a passion.

My favorite team is Leakers of Los Angeles, California.

I have a fear to the heights.

My family is so important to me.

I love my friends, we live amazing moments.

Me and my classmates visit the University of Tolima, is a awesome University.

Me and my classmates visit the pool The Naranjos.

I admire my mother and my dad because they have a gigant put ut whit me and my sister, they're so especial.

I want to travel to Germany.

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